News from 03/16/2022

"Climate-friendly ‘Last Mile’ Freight Transport Using the LogIKTram Example" lecture at BVMW event

The Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft (BVMW – German Association for Medium-Sized Businesses) organized a “Climate-friendly Freight Transport and Challenges to the Logistics Industry” lecture on March 3, 2022, in the Baden-Airpark. Prof. Dr. Ingo Dittrich and Theo Lutz from the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences presented “Climate-friendly ‘Last Mile’ Freight Transport using the LogIKTram Example”.

At this event, the BVMW Nordbaden-Rhein-Neckar offered the freight transport and logistics industry a platform to talk about current challenges such as the availability of space, the shortage of skilled workers, or cross-company digitalization. Members of the “Freight Transport and Logistics” action group are involved and specifically made aware of regional projects and problems. In advance, the invited political representatives will receive an impulse letter in which demands and topics requiring support are mentioned. The event brought together political representatives, entrepreneurs, and top-class scientists to create a discussion and implementation platform for the challenges of medium-sized businesses in the logistics sector.

A post-event report on the entire proceedings can be found here:

Foto Prof. Dittrich beim BVMW-Vortrag

Prof. Dr. Ingo Dietrich at the lecture, photo source: BVMW

In dialogue with the guests: Theo Lutz (Quelle: BVMW)

Source: BVMW