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The "freight tram" An innovative and environmentally friendly transport system to relieve road traffic

An innovative and environmentally friendly transport system to relieve road traffic

The steadily increasing traffic of retail trade and private household deliveries puts a strain on both road infrastructure and residents. A radical change in freight logistics is therefore necessary to use existing modes of transportation in an environmentally friendly and efficient way – via cross-company cooperative bundling concepts as well as intermodal solutions.

The LogIKTram joint project is developing a logistics concept as well as an information and communication technology (ICT) platform for a future freight transport system in streetcar and light rail vehicles. In this way, freight haulage in the Karlsruhe region will be shifted more from road to rail – even for medium and short distances – and an innovative, environmentally friendly transport system, a “freight tram”, will be created for the urban and regional supply of companies and households.

The LogIKTram project is closely linked to the RegioKArgo community of interest in terms of personnel and content and coordinates firmly with them on an ongoing basis to ensure long-term implementation.

4.18 mil. € project volume
2.75 mil. € funding volume
36 months project duration

LogIKTram should serve as a model for other cities with streetcar or light rail networks and integrating regional rail transport into urban logistics. With a holistic approach, the solution concept includes not only the transport technology for the freight tram, but also a suitable ICT platform and an overall logistical concept along of the transportation chain from the regional distribution warehouses via the freight tram to the urban logistics hubs. New business ideas can also be integrated since the ICT platform and freight tram are available to all shippers and logisticians.